Specializes in diagnostic hair loss tests and identifying genetic hair loss markers to help find solutions to treat hair loss and change people’s lives.


Working alongside our sister company, Daniel Alain, our mission is to innovate new ways to help predict and identify if you are likely to have androgenic alopecia and test what FDA-approved treatments you are most likely to respond to for regrowing your hair.


Minoxidil Response Test

Welcome to the future of personalized hair loss testing with the Minoxidil Response Test - the world's first test that indicates whether Minoxidil will work for you by testing the levels of Sulfotransferase (SULT1A1) Enzyme present in the hair.

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Order and register your Minoxiil Response Test.


Collect Hair Samples

Collect your hair samples in the comfort of your own home.


Return For Results

Return hair samples with prepaid mailers. Digital result sent in 7 to 10 days.

Precision Data. Confidential Home Results.


The Minoxidil Response Test underwent extensive review processes. The analysis and reporting of each test is scientifically valid and analytically reliable.

HIPPA Compliant

We care about protecting you and your data. Daniel Alain is HIPAA compliant and takes extensive measures to keep your information safe, secure and private.

Credible Science

The Daniel Alain team is made of world-renowned scientists who specialize in hair loss products and diagnostics. We offer patented solutions backed by clinical studies and peer reviewed reports.